Our services

Our clients vary from Public Sector Undertaking, Public Private Partnerships, Multi-Nationals and Major National Companies. We are a premier provider of services related to Consulting, Investment in India, Legal Support, and Liaising etc.

The company has a vision of becoming a one stop shop for services such as investment in India, promoting foreign companies for Foreign Direct Investment in India. The company has very good history and healthy relations withGovernmental Institutions, Public Private Partnerships, Multi-Nationals and big corporate in India to bring the most beautiful and functional bouquet of competencies and skills for its clients.

Our company provides following services to its clients

1.        Investment consultancy

2.        Financial advisory

3.        Preparation of sector specific Analytics

4.        Advise for investment in India and abroad

5.        Liasoning activities with indian companies

6.        Legal services such as verification / documentation / litigation / Governmental Regulations.

7.        Ensuring safety of funds with companies in India

8.        Representation before governmental authorities for obtaining approvals / permissions etc

9.        Setting up business establishment in India for foreign companies

10.     Representing foreign clients in India and before its clients for day to day operations

11.     Promoting trade relations between various governments



In order to provide best deals to our clients, investment in Infdia is undertaken in following phases-

Phase 1

Providing best investment opportunity to our clients as desired on the basis of

·         Sector Specific projects as desired by the investor

·         Amount/Type of investment(Equity or Debt)

·         Providing DPR and analysis to the client

·         Estimation of Rate of returns and risk analysis.

·         Period of investment (lock in period)

·         Finalization of investment opportunities, agreement between Fine vibes and Investor.

·         Negotiations/Liaising between clients.

·         Execution of high leveltri-partite agreement between Investor-Fine Vibes-Investment opportunities.


Phase 2

·         Incorporation of company in India(Establishment of business connections in India)

·         Representation before government of India, Reserve Bank of India

·         Financials

·         Foreign remittances


Phase 3

·         Transfer of shares/Debt

·         Representing the investor in board meetings

·         Arbitration/Legal services in case of disputes